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Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images

1. The Forced Exile of The Palestinian People


2. Maintenance of the Occupation


3.  Continued Displacement and Destruction


4. A Pattern of Violence and Aggression


5. Illegal Detention


6, 7 & 8. Segregation of Resources

gaza_water_rev1_aug28 vp-olive-harvest-final-2013-10-10 vp-west-bank-water-2013-03-21

9 & 10. Segregation of Travel

segregated-roads-2012-05-28 vp-bus-2013-03-04_0

11. The Wall





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One comment on “Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images

  1. varnamo
    July 25, 2014

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