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Striking photos of WWII refugees escaping to safety in Syria

It’s amazing how quickly we forget history. The current war refugee situation in Europe is not the first of its kind and will probably not be the last.

Just 70 years ago, during the height of WWII conflict, tens of thousands of refugees walked the exact same path that those escaping the Syrian conflict walk today. But instead of traveling towards Europe with Germany in mind, they were evacuating that part of the world.

Why were these Europeans heading east? Around the year 1944, the Middle East Relief and Refugee Administration (MERRA) began opening camps in Syria, Egypt and Palestine. With promises of a safe place to wait out the war and escape the bloody conflict, people of all ages and classes began the long journey.

These photos have recently been colorized by Sanna Dullaway to provide a more striking view of this massive evacuation. They stand as a reminder to welcome those in need of safety, to open our arms to fellow human beings.

Just 70 years ago, blonde haired Europeans were fleeing east. Now the situation has been reversed. Will we return that kindness?



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