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Apartheid Israel report has been removed from UN website here is your copy

SrUUfOnZEYAMUUD-800x450-noPadMAR 18, 2017 — As the Secretary General has forced the author to resign – please forward this URL so that all can have a copy of the actual report


Impose Financial and Military Sanctions on Israel for War Crimes

When will the United Nations apply international laws against israel? When will the same law makers who readily impose financial and military sanctions on African, Arab and Asian Nations without thought – do the same to israel?

Why are these laws and sanctions applied? Why are you blind when it comes to israels ethnic cleansing and aparthied?

To stop this continuing murder of Palestinian people and the continuing “wars” and collective punishment. Stop applying the western military strategies of internal regime change by making the lives of everyday people hell, killing their children, their elderly and their weak. Israel is not the victim it is the perpetrator of war many crimes.

United Nations turning a blind eye just demostrates the one sided global Political structure and this is not acceptable. ACT NOW for a lasting peace in the region.


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This entry was posted on March 25, 2017 by in my posts.