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What Is Aleppo? This Is Aleppo

ALAN TAYLOR – Earlier today, the Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson was asked by journalist Mike Barnicle “What would you do, if you were elected, about Aleppo?” Johnson  replied with his own … Continue reading

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Striking photos of WWII refugees escaping to safety in Syria

It’s amazing how quickly we forget history. The current war refugee situation in Europe is not the first of its kind and will probably not be the last. Just 70 … Continue reading

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choices for Syrian kids

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Why Syrians are risking everything to reach Europe, explained in 9 devastating photos

by Zack Beauchamp on September 8, 2015 VOX– It took an image to wake up the world to the Syrian refugee crisis. The chilling photograph of toddler Aylan Kurdi’s body … Continue reading

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How many migrants to Europe are refugees?

Economist– VIKTOR ORBÁN, Hungary’s prime minister, says the “overwhelming majority” of migrants in Europe are not refugees but are merely seeking a better life. Robert Fico, his Slovak counterpart, says … Continue reading

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Key Migration Terms

Migration › Key Migration Terms Assimilation – Adaptation of one ethnic or social group – usually a minority – to another. Assimilation involves the subsuming of language, traditions, values, mores and … Continue reading

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EU: Five Steps to Tackle Refugee Crisis

HRW- How to Save Lives and Protect People (Brussels) – The European Union and its 28 member states should act immediately to address the human rights crisis resulting from years … Continue reading

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